What Sectors?

Monatair works closely within these sectors

Monatair offers social media intelligence tool designed to help investment banks with social media brand analysis.

Investment Banks

Monatair's social media analytics have been developed alongside tier-one investment banks to meet the unique needs of the finance sector.

Fill information gaps on target investments or spot the news events likely to affect share prices.

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Monatair provides social listening tools to the retail industry, making social media brand analysis quick and easy.


While reputation is earned over time, brands need to respond quickly to constant consumer demands.

Analyse and compare brand engagement, track market share, monitor key product launches, crucial events and influencer power.

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Social media brand analysis is invaluable in the entertainment sector, and effective social media analytics tools are key.


By separating fact from speculation and providing leading insights from social media, organisations can leverage a huge advantage.

Fill the gap between real-time events and traditional sources of information to react before the news even breaks.

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