Fill the gap between real-time events and traditional sources

By separating fact from speculation and providing leading insights from social media, organisations can leverage a huge advantage. Fill the gap between real-time events and traditional sources of information to react before the news even breaks.

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Alternative sources

Good information creates an advantage. The faster that information can be uncovered, the bigger that advantage becomes – especially in an industry like this! As this constant search for an advantage widens, alternative data becomes a crucial source of insight…

The insights that matter

Too much noise and too much speculation fills the pages of social media. To unearth valuable information, and deliver the insights that matter, there’s a lot of clutter to cut through. Monatair automatically files and processes results to deliver the required information quickly. As one of our development partners in the industry says: “If we can find key information first – even just 10 or 20 seconds before anyone else – we have a huge advantage.”

With Monatair you can..

  • Immediately uncover breaking news events across multiple channels

  • React quickly, change prices and drive promotions as stories develop

  • Suppress noise and repetition to spot potential risks or opportunities

  • Create alerts to spot events that affect line-ups, results or betting activity

  • Cover a mosaic of information to ensure you’re never blindsided

  • Combat time-sensitive problems, like delayed data logging

  • Quick, easy to use and intuitive platform

  • Deliver alerts on-screen, by email or via API

  • Resilient, UK-based data centre and GDPR compliant

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