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Developed Alongside Tier-One Investment Banks.

Social Media Analytics for Finance: Working closely with investment banks to develop Monatair, it was clear that as well as creating a powerful tool to analyse and monitor social media and alternative data, the need to fit the workflows of investment banking was vital.

Monatair uses social media tools for finance to provide financial forecasting based on financial trend data and alternative data.

Quick, simple and easy to use

…That’s why we’ve developed Monatair the way we have. Quick, simple and easy to use, Monatair’s social media tools for finance allow you to get the results you need fast.

Whether it’s filling in the gaps of information on target investments, or reacting to the 15 minute problem, immediately spotting news events likely to affect share prices, Monatair helps you analyse social media to uncover the insights you need, to give you the advantage of time and information.

With Monatair you can..

  • target investments

    See which target investments are being talked about across multiple social media channels.

  • Analyse alternative data for individual companies or portfolios of brands in real time or over time to broaden your existing financial trend data.

  • Benchmark competitor performance across social media platforms.

  • Explore, test and confirm whether a company’s public statements match other sources of insight.

  • Find and test correlations between social media and business performance.

  • Compare alternative data on companies or portfolios against external metrics or financial forecasting.

  • Set up alerts to inform clients of vital brand trends, news and 'events' emerging in alternative data sources to explain movements in financial trend data.

  • Uncover and confirm the breaking news and events relevant to your portfolio.

  • Quickly and efficiently see what is being said, combine intelligence and rapidly change investment positions.

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