A new information angle

If there’s one sector at the forefront of social media, it’s retail. In a fast moving, consumer-focussed arena, Monatair helps you harness social media to gain a vital understanding of what shapes the sector and drives your brand.


Real time insights

Not only does Monatair help you analyse and compare brand engagement, track market share and monitor the competition, it gives real time insights that directly affect the performance of your business.

But it’s not just customers that carefully watch your brand on social media. Investors are looking for new information angles to make decisions too. Social media is at the heart of this analysis revolution. So, how do investors see your business on social media? Using Monatair, not only will you get the same insight as investors, but you’ll also see how your competitors are viewed too.

With Monatair you can...

  • See how your competitors are performing on social media

  • Discover how your campaigns are running

  • See the impact social influencers are really having on your business

  • Spot the trends that are shaping the market and your business

  • Understand your brand better and see how sub-brands are performing

  • Compare events over time to spot correlations and inform action

  • Benchmark your social media performance across channels

  • Be alerted to breaking events and news that affect your business

  • Monitor interactions to inform stock and buying decisions

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