What it does

What it does

Analyse data quickly and easily across multiple social media channels to discover the insights that matter to you.

Social media produces an eye-watering volume of data; impossible to ingest and understand at scale. Only by removing the time taken to verify stories and curate interactions can you identify the social media footprint of your brand or your competitors – and truly disrupt your insight.

Monatair is a social media data analytics tool that makes it quick and easy for you to capture, filter and surface the information that translates directly into your success.


Your Information Advantage

Social media data analysis provides access to alternative data with unique insight about how people engage with brands, products, businesses & each other. By analysing social media data over time, you can track and forecast customer engagement in real-time.

Monatair Tracker helps you:

  • Search and monitor engagement across multiple social media channels
  • Track a brand or even a group of companies
  • Analyse the success of key events, such as product launches or announcements as they happen
  • Benchmark performance with social media competitor analysis
Monatair provides social media intelligence, for social media data analysis and social media competitor analysis.
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Your time Advantage

Monatair Alerter monitors real-time social media feeds to surface, verify and alert you to the news that matters to you. By filling the gap between real-time events and traditional sources of information, you can act before the ‘news’ even breaks.

Monatair Alerter helps you:

  • Immediately uncover breaking news events on social media
  • Confirm social media data sources and build a narrative
  • Quickly see what’s being said, suppressing noise and repetition across social media data sources
  • Create alerts to spot previously identified events that affect you or your clients’ business
Monatair social media footprint analytics make social media competitor analysis easy.

Tried-and-tested technology

Built on proven technology, Monatair makes it easy for you to monitor, compare and understand the social media footprint of your brand, a rival company or a portfolio of businesses. Analyse key events, benchmark performance and surface the news that gives you the information advantage.

Monatair draws on seven years of experience and market-leading technology to refine its powerful social media intelligence and social media competitor analysis for new sectors.

Search social media and automatically filter and process results to deliver relevant information quickly, or power retrospective research.

  • Monatair social media data analysis tools provide in the moment social media intelligence.

    browser-based tool

  • Social media analytics tools shouldn’t be complicated, monatair social media analytics makes social media brand analysis quick and easy.

    Easy and
    intuitive to use

  • Monatair provides social media intelligence based on the social media data source of your brand or competitors.


  • Monatair provides relevant and contextual social media data source analysis and social media intelligence to a number of industries.

    Relevance & contextual
    analysis engine

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What Sectors?

Monatair offers social media intelligence tool designed to help investment banks with social media brand analysis.

Investment Banks

Monatair's social media analytics have been developed alongside tier-one investment banks to meet the unique needs of the finance sector.

Fill information gaps on target investments or spot the news events likely to affect share prices.

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Monatair provides social listening tools to the retail industry, making social media brand analysis quick and easy.


While reputation is earned over time, brands need to respond quickly to constant consumer demands.

Analyse and compare brand engagement, track market share, monitor key product launches, crucial events and influencer power.

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Social media brand analysis is invaluable in the entertainment sector, and effective social media analytics tools are key.


By separating fact from speculation and providing leading insights from social media, organisations can leverage a huge advantage.

Fill the gap between real-time events and traditional sources of information to react before the news even breaks.

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